Thank you for visiting the 10th DESIGN TOKYO !

今年も東京ビッグサイトで開催された「第10回 DESIGN TOKYO」の弊社ブースへ多くの方々にお立ち寄り頂き、誠にありがとうございます。
また、映画が絶賛公開中のワンピースより、「オルゴール付き 麦わらの一味」を新たに発表し、ウィーアー!の曲に乗せてサウザンド・サニー号、シロモクバ1号、ミニメリー2号、シャークサブマージ3号が波間を回る姿に大変ご好評を頂きました。



Thank you for visiting our booth at the 10th DESIGN TOKYO held at Tokyo Big Sight this year.
We would like to unveil the MEGA series from [ki-gu-mi], which received high praise for its powerful scale and elaborate assembly.
Also, from the movie One Piece, which is currently in theaters to rave reviews, we announced the new “”Straw Hat Pirates with Music Box””, which features the song “”We Are! The Thousand Sunny, Shiro Mokuba No. 1, Mini Merry No. 2, and Shark Submerge No. 3 circling the waves to the tune of “”We Are!””
The new line of products, “”EUGY,”” which is aimed at a younger age group, differs from the target group of ki-gu-mi and si-gu-mi, and is expected to be an unprecedented product with easy assembly and a wide variety of products.
We will continue to make every effort to meet the needs of our customers, and look forward to your continued support.