Wooden 3D puzzle『ki-gu-mi Lite』has been found to have brain activation and cognitive prevention effects!

We asked Professor Masahiro Nakagawa of Nagaoka University of Technology (Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture) to conduct a commissioned research on how the products of the wooden puzzle brand “ki-gu-mi Lite” affect brain activation, and jointly compiled the results of the verification using “brain waves”.

Scene during verification (left: before assembly, right: during assembly)

The product used for this verification is a product that inherits the features of the original “ki-gu-mi” and is designed so that even elderly people can relatively easily assemble it.

■Verification Results
From the graph of the measured values for each subject, we can see a positive change in the overall direction, and if the amount of change is large, it can be taken as a large change in sensitivity and the amount of brain activation.
Therefore, the assembly of “ki-gu-mi Lite” is effective in activating the brain due to information from the eyes and finger stimulation during assembly.

Graph of time averages of happiness measured from five subjects

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